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    Computer Room Design and Construction

    Our engineers at MPCT understand the delicate balance that must be struck among the numerous elements that go into computer room design, including room location, physical layout, physical security, UPS systems, backup generators, power distribution, raised flooring, cooling & humidification systems, access control & security, and monitoring systems for all of these elements.

    Our computer room design services team recognizes that no two rooms are exactly the same. To meet the unique needs of your company, MPCT looks at the big picture. Consideration is given to your timeline and financial situation, the location and infrastructure of the computer room, the current mission of the room, and predictions for future expansion.

    Whether you're interested in renovating your current computer room or want to create a custom computer room from scratch we are here for you.


    Call MPCT now on telephone: (876)754-3176 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a quote or select request a quote below.



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    Modern Power and Cooling Technology was incorporated on December 2010 as a limited liability Company in Bridgeport St. Catherine, Jamaica.