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    Thermal Imaging Audit

    Prevent costly Downtime at your Data Center!

    MPCT offers Thermal Imaging services (also called Infrared Thermography) to identify potentially serious equipment flaws, which are often invisible to the naked eye in your computing environment.

    Our non-intrusive Thermal Imaging audit identifies equipment anomalies in the early stages of the problem, allowing you to take prompt remedial action before costly system failures occur. Our infrared scans don't result in lost production  or lengthy downtime to your business.

    Thermal Imaging Audit

    Typical faults that the imaging audit will detect include:

    • Unbalanced circuits
    • Loose cable connections
    • Corroded connections
    • Internal faults and overheating within a fuse
    • Connections with high resistance
    • Circuit breaker faults  
    • Internal faults or overheating
    • Overheating Lighting circuits

     Benefits of using this service?

    When you request a Thermal Imaging audit, you will realize the following significant benefits:

    •     Significant Cost savings
    •     Building hazard reduction
    •     Early detection of potential faults
    •     Reduced downtime
    •     Non-destructive analysis

    Additionally, thermal audit can indicate areas where temperature and humidity levels exceed tolerances and might compromise network and electrical systems reliability.

    The benefits of scheduling a Thermal Imaging audit for your IT Data Center don't stop there. In addition to our standard thermal audit services, our team can also:

    •  Advise on hot aisle/cool aisle placement and a more efficient rack layout
    •  Measure room temperature and AC return temperature
    •  Inspect raised floor and ceiling tiles for air leaks that cause AC inefficiency

     MPCT suggest Thermal Imaging audit on a periodic basis to enable you to build a detailed condition history of your equipment so we can better tailor a maintenance schedule suited to your business.

     Call MPCT now on telephone: (876)754-3176 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a quote or select request a quote below.

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