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    Battery Testing

    A battery is often used as a power supply for a variety of electrical devices such as UPS systems, AC systems and other equipment that need power to operate. Batteries are also used as a back-up electrical supply which is extremely useful in cases on unsuspected primary power loss. As such, to ensure that equipments are operating efficiently when needed, it is important to have a reliable battery power supply.
    Battery Testing is a procedure implemented to test the functionality and standard of a battery as opposed to Load Testing which focuses on the specific power it can deliver when in need. The Battery Test provides more critical information about the overall battery performance as can be highly beneficial as it can prevent lost in production as well as prevent damage to equipment due to faulty power supply.

    With a Battery Test you can determine:

    •  The life line of the battery.
    •  It’s actually state compared to that of the manufacturer’s specification.
    •  Remaining charge in battery/ State of Charge (SOC).
    •  What changes can be implemented to improve the battery longevity.
    •  When the battery needs to be replaced.

    It is important that a battery testing is done correctly as an incorrect diagnostic methods used to test the battery can reduce the longevity of the battery, for example, if the State of Charge is tested too frequently it can destroy the battery life. It is therefore important to know the type of battery used (Lead-Acid or Nickel- Cadium) so that the ideal testing methods can be used to determine the battery condition without causing further damage. At MPCT we not only seek ways to test the battery life but to also prolong it to ensure maximum utilization of products.

    Battery Tester can provide a complete test of battery functionally and standard. The 3554 Battery HiTester has many beneficial features such as

    •  Strengthened (and user-exchangeable probe tip means less chance of breakage and a more constant workflow.
    •  One single device can give you a diagnosis of the deterioration state of a UPS battery.
    •  Instantly determine PASS, WARNING or FAIL on a battery’s deterioration state by testing its internal resistance and voltage level.
    •  Built- in USB interface to facilitate quick and convenient data management on a PC.
    •  Auto data storage offers independence and flexibility on the work site.



    Diagram: Picture of Battery Tester Model: 3554Battery HiTester (below)


    Table Blow: Shows sample test results for the 3554 battery tester

     3554 test result

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