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    Power Audit

    For a business to make profit it often relies on the production of goods and services. These products depend on a source of energy which often utilizes technology. For smooth production to occur it is ideal for energy input to be reliable, efficient and of optimal potential. Therefore with a power audit, downfalls in energy productivity as well as the overall consumption level can be detected.
    When the consumption level is detected, business owners can then take the necessary steps to increase power efficiency to its peak which can result in a lower power consumption cost.

    Why a Power Audit is important;

    •  Can reduce potential damage to equipment
    •  Reduce damage costs and downtime in production
    •  Minimize daily power consumption and incurred costs
    •  Improve personnel safety, as too much power to equipment can cause equipment malfunctions and fires.

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    Modern Power and Cooling Technology was incorporated on December 2010 as a limited liability Company in Bridgeport St. Catherine, Jamaica.