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    AC and Refrigerant Unit Servicing

    Refrigerants are use in cooling systems such as Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning Systems and Refrigerants Units to transfer heat out of the cooling systems. This heat transfer is important as it allows the cooling system to remain cool by removing heat produced by cooling process. The level and condition of refrigerant in cooling systems is important to note as low refrigerant levels can reduce the cooling efficiency of the cooling system and also cause damage to cooling equipment and in extension equipment cooled (servers and computer units).

    Thus, Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Professionals need a refrigerant manifold on nearly every job. This manifold will provide faster, easier and more precise data on refrigerant levels. The MPCT engineers use the Fieldpiece SMAN 360 refrigerant manifold so that we are able to provide results of a high accuracy to our customers. With the Fieldpiece SMAN 360 you can calculate your target superheat (elimination incorrect data from human calculation) while monitoring how your charge is affecting your actual, superheat and sub-cooling. It also has a built in micron gauge with a resolution from 50 to 9,999 and a vacuum gauge which has a micron alarm that allows the technician to set the alarm to a chosen micron level.

    These features allow the SMAN 360 to be highly accurate and very reliable for diagnostics and charging of refrigerated systems.

    Below: picture of Fieldpiece SMAN 360 unit

    ac testing 


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    Modern Power and Cooling Technology was incorporated on December 2010 as a limited liability Company in Bridgeport St. Catherine, Jamaica.