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    HyperPod by APC

    Modular system of isolation of hot and cold corridors for
    computer rooms of the data center

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    Why Choose AVTECH

    Every data center, server room, IT closet, and critical facility needs to be protected against
    outages and potential data/asset loss resulting from environment factors.

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    We Keep the Cloud Cool®

    Polargy is the leading provider of hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions for new data
    center construction and retrofit projects. Polargy designs, manufactures and installs complete
    turnkey containment solutions including hot aisle and cold aisle containment, air flow
    accessories and server racks.

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    Reduce your energy footprint by 10%

    NorthStar high rate batteries use AGM thin plate pure lead technology, packed under high
    compression, which gives greater surface area to produce the required energy. This high
    energy density delivers more watts per cell.

    The INFOSEC company

    INFOSEC Communication SAS is a French company that has been making and selling
    uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors worldwide for over 25 years. The
    experience gained by INFOSEC UPS System in various global markets in that time is an asset
    that has helped the company design and develop a full line of electrical protection solutions to
    perfectly meet the needs of its clients.

    Authorized STULZ Dealer

    Looking for the right cooling technology for your data centre.
    Use a name you can trust with your company's most valuable

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    Modern Power
    & Cooling Technology Limited

    Modern Power & Cooling Technology (MPCT) is one of Jamaica's leading supplier of computer support systems, featuring a full line of power conditioning equipment, UPS systems, DC power plants, site monitoring and control systems and precision air conditioning solutions representing prestigious companies such as APC, Stulz and Polargy Inc. Haze and Linkbasic Systems..

    Our Featured Work

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    IBM Installation

    IBM in the process of upgrading and relocating their server room, needed a cooling solution that was variable, takes up a small footprint and scalable. The Stulz Cyber Row was the most cost effective solution that provided the best value. Coupled with the services provided by the MPCT team, the solution was implemented has has been ruinning superbly.

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    Digicel Jamaica

    MPCT successfully design and implement a cold aisle containment solution at the state of the art tier 3 designed Digicel Collocation Facility at Caymans using the Polargy Aisle Containment system with the patented one of a kind “drop away” panel.


    MPCT Executive Team

    The secret of our success is our people. Meet the Modern Power and Cooling Technology executive team 

    Wayne Cunningham

    Wayne Cunningham

    Chairman / CEO

    Kwasi Charles

    Kwasi Charles


    Andrea Thomas (JP)

    Andrea Thomas (JP)

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    What our Customers Say

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    "it is critical that our colocation facility maintains smooth and continuous operations"

    As the first Tier III certified data centre in the Caribbean, it is critical that our colocation facility maintains smooth and continuous operations. This requires us to constantly improve the reliability of our infrastructure to lower our spending costs and serve our customers in the most timely and efficient manner. Modern Power and Cooling Technology Limited was selected to implement a number of solutions including cold aisle containment and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) as well as maintaining legacy equipment.

    Jodie Fearon / Data Centre Manager, Digicel Jamaica

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    "It gives me great comfort to know that I can call on MPCT at any time"

    Jamaica Observer Limited has great respect for the technical capabilities of MPCT, their technicians and engineers have demonstrated high levels competence and have delivered results that have enabled us to meet our business objectives. When we were informed that the Liebert GXT2 20 KVA online UPS system was not repairable as it was no longer being manufactured by Liebert, Modern Power quickly provided an alternate solution from Infosec UPS Systems which has been performing up to our standard and beyond.

    Kevin Wainwright / IT Systems Manager, Jamaica Observer Limited

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    "MPCT was selected because of their unparalleled experience and expertise"

    odern Power and Cooling Technology Limited implemented a precision cooling and UPS infrastructure solution in our Data Centre in 2012. Prior to implementation our Data Centre was plagued with cooling and power issues. MPCT was selected because of their unparalleled experience and expertise not only with large data centres, but medium sized centres such as ours.
    The MPCT team successfully implemented Row based cooling solution and a robust 3 phase UPS to protect our data centre and critical infrastructure.

    Mark Clarke / VP, Group IT Infrastructure & Technical Services, Sagicor Group Jamaica

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    "Modern Power once again showed that they will find creative solutions to problems, no matter the complexity."

    With the theft and vandalism of generators at our cell site and with constant Diesel fuel theft, coupled with the inability to put traditional diesel generators at rooftop sites and some sensitive locations where noisy generators would pose a nuisance, we needed a solution to maintain the reliability of our network. Digicel turned to Modern Power to identify and implement a solution that would address those issues. A solution was found using Ballard Fuel Cell. It is formed of aluminum construction and uses a methanol water mix which has no resale or scrap value. We have had a dramatic decrease in site vandalism at locations where the generator was replaced by the Ballard Fuel Cell, resulting in greater power reliability at those locations.

    Anthony Barrows / Head of Network Operations, Digicel


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    Modern Power and Cooling Technology was incorporated on December 2010 as a limited liability Company in Bridgeport St. Catherine, Jamaica.