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    Cold Aisle Containment

    PolarPlex™ Standard Containment Panels

    Polargy's PolarPlex™ Standard Containment Panels are an attractive containment solution for isolating above and around the racks. They are typically deployed vertically to create an attractive, modular containment barrier. Made of anodized aluminum framing and fire-safe inserts, the PolarPlex™ Containment Panels are lightweight, cost effective and attractive looking. Panels are supported with a tight fitting bracket so that they can be either secured to the rack tops or to the floor. A movable, self-standing panel is available in custom heights and widths. Standard panels are also configured as “containment stalls” to be used to isolate orphan racks.

    PolarPlex™ Containment Curtains

    Polargy's PolarPlex™ Containment Curtains are a highly effective air isolation solution for controlling air flow in the data center. Made of high-grade vinyl and installed with Polargy's trouble-free mounting system, PolarPlex™ Containment Curtains are an economical way to eliminate hot spots and overcooled zones, saving energy while improving equipment reliability. PolarPlex™ Containment Curtains accommodate any data center configuration, are easy to install, and flexible to redeploy. Polargy’s special P-Clip for attaching the curtains to T-bar ceilings speeds installation times and lessons the hassles associated with aligning the support channels to the ceiling grid.

    PolarPlex™ Drop-Away Roof Panel System

    UL-listed for use below sprinkler heads, the PolarPlex™ Drop-Away Panels solve the “sprinkler head obstruction” problem associated with deploying containment. This unique Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solution is deployed horizontally across the aisles to create a tight containment barrier. The panels are made of an aluminum frame with a special translucent insert. The inserts are available in either a frosted or clear type. Panel inserts are heat sensitive and promptly move out of their setting in high heat. They are designed for use underneath lighting and fire suppression systems and are engineered to drop out of a panel frame in the event of a fire.

    PolarPlex™ PX Swing Door

    The PolarPlex™ PX Swing Door is the latest addition to Polargy’s portfolio of hot and cold aisle containment products. There is no threshold, which eliminates any tripping hazard and allows for easy movement of carts through the doorway. There is a side light that can be configured to either side of the door, and the door can be hinged to open right or open left. It is an all aluminum door with panel insert options of clear, 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate, and FM4910. Its smart design includes special channels that run continuously along each support for flexibility in attachment locations. The standard door size is 7′ tall by 3′ wide. Optional extender headers and wider side lights are available.

    PolarPlex™ Suspended Panel System

    PolarPlex™ SPS is Polargy's patented ceiling suspended aisle containment solution with an innovative quick connect and quick removal design. This rigid vertical containment system is ideal for hot aisle containment and a great alternative to vinyl curtains. In overhead applications the SPS is completely supported by the ceiling so it is rack independent and server cabinets can be moved in and out without effecting the containment. In applications with Polargy’s Overhead Prefabricated System or with the Floor Mounted Infrastructure solution full-length panels are used to fill in the gaps between racks or for completely isolating the aisle for commissioning.

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