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    Quality And Safety Policy

    Need for Quality and Safety Policy

    Due to the dynamic nature of the ICT Infrastructure it is important to keep abreast with all the changes and adjust accordingly to ensure optimal value to our customers. Modern Power and Cooling Technology believes that in order to provide to the right solution to fit your ICT needs our engineers and technician should apply the latest standard to ensure safety, accuracy and reliability. We want to know that our customers are comfortable with whatever solution we provide, with no concerns about unnecessary expenditure or discomfort with personnel safety. The Quality and Safety Policy is an important understanding with you our valued customers and our MPCT staff as we stand strongly by our motto “Service without compromise”.

    A quality policy is outlined to achieve the service delivery expectations management. At MPCT we aspire to be the best and ensure that our purpose is fulfilled, our vision is attainable and mission is achieved with our customers at the forefront of it all.


    Supply and support a wide range of computer support systems, including conditioning equipment, UPS systems, DC power plants, site monitoring and control systems and precision air conditioning solutions. We are proud to serve our customers, and stand firmly to our motto - service without compromise
    We have and will always:

    • Put our customers need first.
    • Listen to feedback and continuously improve on service delivery areas.
    • Give prompt, relevant responses and solutions to customers.
    • Give feasible deadlines and work assiduously to meet each one.
    • Respond to customer complaints within 24 hours and resolve said complaints in a timely manner.
    • Provide the best products specific to each customers concern.
    • Continuously update staff on new technologies and products to solve customer concerns more efficiently.
    • Train staff to be courteous and think instinctively at all times.

    Safety Policy

    The quality of works undertaken by the technical team is maintained by verification and assistance by the senior management of the company. We constantly seek customer feedback on ways we can improve our standard of work to achieve complete safety for both our customers and technicians. MPCT ensures that the tools and safety gear use by our technicians are of the highest quality and meet or exceeds industry standards. When brazing or soldering, installing refrigerant systems or even working on high power electronics and electrical systems, our technicians use ARC – resistant coveralls and gloves that are made of Nomex thread that protect workers from ARC flash hazards. The coverall has ARC rating which meet NFPA 70 E HRC 2 (10. 0 cal/sq cm), ASTM F1506- 02A and ASTM F1959m- 99 standards providing optimal protection for our technicians. Fire mats are also used when working in critical areas like server rooms or switch rooms as a safety mechanism to counter any unanticipated hazards. Detailed methods of procedures are always communicated to customer’s safety personnel as well as the option for customer visits to our suppliers or vice versa which will provide an avenue where we can share changes and challenges faced by both customers and vendors while working toward a fruitful and beneficial partnership, as a team.

    MPCT works collectively which results in all departments complying with the Quality and Safety Policies we have established. The accounts department is required at all time to comply with all legal requirements of the Government of Jamaica. As such, this department always aim to be accurate and efficient in our expenditure while providing prompt, on time payment to suppliers and employees. Quality and accuracy of work is overseen by qualified and experienced members of staff at all times. The operations department has the general responsibility to recommend, monitor, report and improve the policies that guide MPCTs activities. With this measure we constantly try to incorporate worldwide standards where possible in said policies.

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    Modern Power and Cooling Technology was incorporated on December 2010 as a limited liability Company in Bridgeport St. Catherine, Jamaica.