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    NEWLINK Cabling Systems, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing of high quality copper and fiber optical cables and accessories for Voice, Data and Video transmission. Our solutions include products for Structured Cabling, Data Networking, Security and Control and Instrumentation. Our products are designed for Premise Networks, Enterprise Networks and Outside Plant.

    With solutions available for fiber optics and copper Categories 3, 5E, and 6A, combined with all the accessories for installing, organizing and labeling cables, NEWLINK gives you complete peace of mind. Additionally we offer a line of Active Network Components that includes Ethernet Switches and Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters.

    Our passive products have a Lifetime Warranty extended to all Authorized Distributors and Customers. Our Certified installations offer a NEWMAX 25-year Extended Performance Certification and Application Assurance.

    NEWLINK supports its products through a network of Authorized Distributors and Authorized Installers in the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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    Cat-6 & 6A Solutions

    Are you uncertain about the future of Networking?

    Our ANSI/TIA/EIA Category 6 and 6A family of products brings extra headroom for future applications.

    If you are installing today thinking in better performance and longer life cycle, CAT6 and 6A Solutions are the answer.

    • 650 MHz TESTED Cables
    • 25-year NEWMAX Warranty Program
    Cat-6 and 6A UTP Cables
    • 650 MHz TESTED
    • ANSI/TIA/EIA Category 6 and 6A specifications reach the 250 MHz limits using simultaneous communications in each of the four UTP pairs.
    • Easy to manage reel in a box presentation with 305m / 1000ft of cable
    • Color options are blue and gray
    • UTP or STP
    Cat-6A Patch Panels
    • TIA/EIA 568B.2-1 Compliance
    • ISO 11801:2002 Class D
    • 12, 24 and 48-port layouts
    • Standard 19" mounting
    • Black Steel frames with white labels
    • The standard RJ45 jacks connect with 110 punch-down tools using the two color schemes allowed by TIA/EIA568-B standards.
    Cat-6A Patch Cords
    • Patch cords are responsible for the ultimate performance obtained in a channel test.
    • With NEWLINK patch cords, you guaranteed extra headroom for your installations allowing much more NEXT that other brands.
    • 1ft = 0.305mts, 2ft = 0.61mts, 3ft = 0.915mts, 7ft = 2.134mts, 10ft = 3.048mts
    Cat-6 and 6A Jacks & Plugs
    • Excellent performance results
    • Aesthetic design
    • Colorful options
    • Comply with the industry standards.

    Fiber Optic Cables

    Newlink provides several cable constructions for your specific applications: Loose Tube (non-armored and armored) ADSS, Tight Buffer and Fig. 8. Our selection of Multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um) and Single-mode Fiber Optics include cables for:

    • LAN deployments
    • Campus
    • Long haul and Metro
    • Special application designs and enhanced performances are available upon request.
    Loose Tube Singlemode Cables - Non Armored

    This non-armored cable allows quick cable preparation and termination.

    • Ducted Outdoor Application
    • Loose-Tube Design
    • Flexible and Robust
    • Designed for running cables inside conduit, ducts, and trays.

    Loose Tube Singlemode Cables - Armored

    NEWLINK Armored Fiber Optic Cables are the perfect choice for direct-buried installations when extra mechanical requirements exists.

    • ​Flexible Steel armored
    • Loose-tube design
    • Rodents protected
    • Easy and Quick installation

    ADSS - All Dielectric Self Supported Singlemode
    • Aerial installation using poles and towers
    • Support sharing with electrical services
    • Isolation levels above 25 kV
    • Long Spans available 50 to500m
    • Prepared to Storm conditions by NESC
    • Eliminate risks from atmospheric discharges

    Loose Tube Multimode OM2 Cables
    • Loose Tube Design
    • Multimode Fiber 62.5/125um or 50/125um OM2
    • Outdoor Applications

    Loose Tube Multimode 50um OM3 Cables
    • Loose Tube Design
    • Multimode Fiber 50/125um OM3
    • Outdoor Applications

    Loose Tube Multimode Armored Cables
    • Loose Tube Design
    • Multimode Fiber 50/125um OM2 or 62.5/125um
    • Outdoor Applications
    • Armored

    Tight Buffer Multimode
    • Tight Buffer Design
    • Multimode Fiber 50/125um OM2 and OM3 or 62.5/125um
    • Indoor Applications
    Fiber Optic Solutions

    Fiber Optics Advantages for networking cabling systems: Longer distances, Larger bandwidths, Zero EMI/RFI interferences, Isolates ground-loop issues and Longer life cycle

    Fiber Optic Patch Cords

    Fiber optic patch cables can be used for cross connects and work area connections. NEWLINK fiber optic patch cables are available in both multimode and single-mode.

    • Long-life guaranteed performance
    • Zirconia ferrules
    • Variety of connectors
    • Mutifibers cords
    • Lenghts and Special designs
    • Modal conditioning
    • Special BIDs are welcome

    Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes and Accessories

    Fiber optic distribution boxes designed for standard 19” racks and cabinets providing flexible and secure fiber termination. Ideal for telecommunications closets and Data Centers. These products facilitate the professional termination you have been looking for.

    • Large splices area
    • Wide bending guides
    • Frontal room for patch cords
    • Modular capacity
    • Variety of coupler strips

    Fiber Optic Connectors and Couplers

    Newlink offers several connectors, materials, and termination options.

    • ​Multimode and single-mode products
    • Excellent material's quality
    • Ultra-precise tolerances

    Racks, Cabinets & Accessories

    Newlink's line of Racks and Cabinets provide the perfect solution to keep your equipment organized and protected. We also offer a wide variety of cable organizers that adapt to your needs and they all meet the EIA-310D spacing standard specifications and follow the TIA-569A standard guidelines.

    Wall Mount Brackets

    Newlink provides wall mount patch panel brackets for small cabling installations where freestanding racks are not required. Available in different sizes and rack units.


    ​Newlink offers a wide variety of shelves, including vented and solid versions

    • ​16 Ga. cold-rolled steel
    • 19-inch width EIA 310D
    • Heavy-duty flanges
    • Powder Coated Paint
    Cable Organizers and Accessories

    NEWLINK offers a variety of horizontal and vertical cable organizers that provide room to route properly the patch cords linking the services.

    • ​Horizontal cable organizers
    • Vertical cable organizers
    • Two-sides models (Rear + Front)
    • Ring type organizers
    Wall Mount Cabinets

    NEWLINK provides these wall mount enclosures for equipment protection and proper cabling termination.

    ​Wall-mount cabinets reduce floor space requirements and are the best option for the over crowded offices and where size do not justify a dedicated telecommunications room.

    Racks and Accessories

    NEWLINK offers a comprehensive line of mounting racks for the Telecommunications industry.

    • Steel or Aluminium manufacture
    • Scratch-resistant black powder-coated finish
    • Our racks meet the EIA-310D spacing standard specifications and follow the TIA-569A standard guidelines.
    Free Standing Cabinets

    NEWLINK Free Standing Cabinets designed to provide protection to your telecommunications equipment.

    • Steel construction
    • Black powder coated
    • Treated rails
    • Optional accessories
    • Cabinet ships fully assembled for easy installation

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