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    Polargy is the leading provider of hot and cold aisle containment solutions for new data center construction and retrofit projects. Polargy products and solutions are installed at the data centers of some of the world's most demanding technology companies, including Facebook, Dell, Pixar and Verizon. Polargy’s innovative PolarPlex™ family of products is helping to save energy and keep environments cool across the globe.

    PolarFlex™ Rack Blanking

    The PolarFlex™ Blanking Panels are for eliminating large scale air bypass through empty racks and large unoccupied spaces in server cabinets. With today's use of aisle containment in new builds, data center operators often install full rows of racks even though many will be unpopulated for some time. Also, because of higher density equipment, many racks are only partially filled today. For empty or mostly empty racks, PolarFlex™ Blanking Panels are a convenient and cost effective alternative to installing hundreds of individual 1U and 2U molded plastic rack blanks to avoid air bypass and mixing.

    PolarFlex panels come in a variety of styles to complement the aesthetic of any data center, including all white, all black, custom art for corporate logos, or printed with server images to give the appearance of a fully populated rack. Available in standard 42U, 45U and 48U heights, the panels are easily cut with scissors so as racks get populated, PolarFlex panels can be perfectly resized to accommodate new IT gear. PolarFlex panels are made of UL-94-VO fire-rated Lexan film and come packaged in boxes of 10 panels.

    Hot Aisle Containment

    Hot Aisle Containment focuses on isolating hot exhaust air on its return to the CRAC units or on its way out of the building. And this method of containment is clearly the trend for most new enterprise data center builds. Why do so many architects and engineers prefer and specify this method of air segregation? Three reasons. One, with the often-accompanying energy efficiency measure of airside economization designs that flood the whole room with cold air are easy to build. Two, it is much easier to achieve airflow balance with a common cold zone. Three, a common cool area in the space is more comfortable for users. For these reasons, containment on the hot side sees wide adoption in new data center builds.

    Cold Aisle Containment

    Cold Aisle Containment confines the cold supply air within the aisle so that it is only available to the equipment and cannot escape out the aisle ends or over the top of the aisle. The most common model of this containment approach is aisle end doors and roof panels on a raised floor with perimeter CRACs. Cold aisle containment is widely used on retrofits of existing sites because the roofing approach can avoid the need to modify fire suppression and fits below existing cable trays and other obstructions. Colocation and wholesale providers like this model because it provides flexibility for layout changes. With individual contained cold aisles, it is particularly important to monitor and balance the airflow within the aisles. And, in all cases, the roofing model needs to be approved by the local fire marshal.

    Drop-Away Panels

    UL-listed for use below sprinkler heads, the PolarPlex™ Drop-Away Panels solve the “sprinkler head obstruction” problem associated with deploying containment. This unique Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solution is deployed horizontally across the aisles to create a tight containment barrier. The panels are made of an aluminum frame with a special translucent insert. The inserts are available in either a frosted or clear type. Panel inserts are heat sensitive and promptly move out of their setting in high heat. They are designed for use underneath lighting and fire suppression systems and are engineered to drop out of a panel frame in the event of a fire.

    Fire-Safe Air Dam Foam

    PolarDam improves air conditioning efficiency and reduces energy cost by preventing cold air bypass and recirculation. PolarDam is ideal for sealing raised floor cutouts, and seals air gaps better than brush grommets for a fraction of the cost. PolarDam is flexible, resilient foam that conforms to any space to stop cold air from escaping, and is UL-94-HF-1 rated fire-resistant. PolarDam is strong, chemical resistant and retains its integrity for years, and installs in minutes without tools.

    Packaged in cases of six 24" x 24" x 2" sheets perforated every inch. Order part no: PD24.

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