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    INFOSEC Communication SAS is a French company that has been making and selling uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors worldwide for over 25 years.

    The experience gained by INFOSEC UPS System in various global markets in that time is an asset that has helped the company design and develop a full line of electrical protection solutions to perfectly meet the needs of its clients.

    Unparalleled reliability and efficient after-sale services also help INFOSEC UPS System satisfy its clients.INFOSEC Communication's long experience and strong willingness to offer custom solutions to its users have helped it build direct partnerships with its clients that all parties have an incentive to maintain in order to continue their unique, human-focused relationships.

    E2 LCD 600

    E2 LCD UPSs, designed for computer networks and other professional computer applications, provide reliable, powerful electrical protection in the event of power supply problems or hazardous electrical disruptions.

    Its On-Line Performance technology and microprocessor control make the E2 LCD UPS ideal protection for outputting a perfect, full-delivered sinusoidal current.
    E2 LCD UPSs are able to more effectively protect sensitive computer hardware (servers, video surveillance applications, phone switchboards, voice-over-IP, etc.).
    During an outage, the E2 LCD can offer up to 60 minutes of power, which makes it possible to ensure continuity of service or safely back up data and shut down the hardware.

    MOD5T 90/30 (30U)

    Infosec Modular solutions are equipped with On Line Double Conversion technology. Mod5T range is the most reliable protection for applications, the tasks of which are essential. Redundant power protection (N + X) with backup time is one of the most important advantage of this solution: it ensures an optimum continuity of the services: in case of failure of a power module, the power is distributed over the other modules.

    Mod5T UPS is scalable and can enable configurations of from 20 kVA to 210 kVA with its power divided into 20 kVA or 30 kVA modules (hot swappable power modules).

    The dual power supply system (Dual Input-model Mod5T) is perfectly suited to the needs of the most demanding configurations as it allows the configuration of a second backup power source (generator…).

    E4 LCD TT 10

    The E4 LCD TT UPSs: a Three/Three optimized solution for 10 to 20k VA!

    • DSP technology
    • High output power factor (0.8)
    • Wide voltage range as input (110-300 VAC)
    • Power factor correction as input for each phase
    • Frequency converter mode (50Hz/60Hz)
    • ECO mode
    • Emergency power off (EPO)
    • Compatible with generators
    • Communication ports: SNMP, USB, RS-232
    • Advanced charger: 3-step charging to optimize battery performance and lifespan
    • Adjustable number of batteries


    The E6 LCD-RT Evolution UPS is an On Line Double Conversion UPS that is effective and providing electrical protection to critical devices or equipment in industrial environments.

    Using microprocessor-controlled online double conversion technology, this UPS is intended for critical systems, equipment, and devices that require reliability, uptime, and performance (telecommunication, sensitive applications, etc.)

    The E6 LCD-RT Evolution delivers a high level of electrical protection to the connected equipment in response to excess voltage, excess loads, and short-circuits.
    It has an output power factor of 0.9, and 3 operating modes

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    Modern Power and Cooling Technology was incorporated on December 2010 as a limited liability Company in Bridgeport St. Catherine, Jamaica.